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Welcome to the Empowered Team Podcast where we explore how to optimize your performance in career, sport, and life.

May 25, 2020

EP85 Mindset Monday - Growth or Fixed Mindset?

Pop quiz - do you have a growth or fixed mindset? Kari, in her continual quest for knowledge wanted to know and dug into Carol Dweck's work on the topic. This episode may surprise you and have you asking questions of yourself that could unlock the next level in your life. 

We're nearly through week one of the Empowered Reset and the participates (Paul included) have already experienced breakthroughs, started healthy new habits, and found more energy and joy in their lives. We're sorry you've missed this session but reach out to info@empowerconditioning.com if you'd like in on the next one, or access to great new tools we're building. Stay well!

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