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In-depth interviews with elite athletes - revealing the highs, lows, and struggles encountered in their journey


August 11, 2020

EP94 Kari and Paul - Pain

Life can be a pain, COVID-19 is a pain, there is emotional pain, mental pain, and physical pain. How do you deal with it? What's the worst you've ever experienced? How will you cope when it shows itself again in your life? We dive deep into our experience with pain and offer some key insights into taking control back over something we all encounter!!

An Empowered Reset is coming - and this one is for anyone on the frontline battling the pandemic. Doctors, law enforcement, first responders, health care professionals and all of the other heroes who have been putting the community first, and themselves on the back burner. It's time for them to push the RESET button with 21 days of online teamwork and 3 days in Muskoka for a life changing retreat. If you, or someone you know needs a serious reset then follow the link below to learn more and please share it as well. The RESET program gets under way on September 14th with space being extremely limited. Get in now!! 


Empowered Reset Link

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This is the conversation that we need to be having around the pandemic. What are you doing to take control of your health and why isn't anyone talking about it? Kari shares her thoughts and ideas along with some interesting statistics relating to the pandemic on where we should be focusing for our own best vitality!

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Cue Michael Buffer because Kari is back with another Mindset Monday and this time she's talking about how to rumble. This may not be the street fight you're picturing, but rather a way to go deep in a conversation and get to what's real and authentic. Enjoy!


The Empowered Team has some big things in the works - hit us up at info@empowerconditioning.com to get on our mailing list to be in the know before everybody else. Stay well. 

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We make decisions all the time. What to eat, what to wear, where to hangout. But if you're making a BIG decision there are a few things you really don't want to do. Make sure the odds of making a good decision are in your favour. Kari shares three of the biggest decision making mistakes on today's recording and you'll want to avoid them all! 

Enjoy and please share the show! 

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After a serious injury in the Stanley Cup finals and still feeling the sting of being cut from the 2010 Olympic team, Dan Hamhuis knew something had to change. Dan is now an Olympic gold medalist and a veteran leader with the Nashville Predators - but the real story is the shift in Dan's mentality that elevated his professionalism to completely different level. We're pumped to provide you with this insightful conversation with Dan Hamhuis!

We have some HUGE events coming up this year to help you elevate every aspect of your life. If you're curious, drop us a line at info@empowerconditioning.com and we'll send you the goods. As always, thanks for listening and please share the show with everyone you know. Stay well!

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We clean our cars, we clean out the closet, but do you ever clean up your grey matter!? Well on this edition of Mindset Monday Kari will walk you through how to do just that. Imagine all the great things you'll have room to remember and use will all the new drive space. And as a bonus, think of all the junk you can delete out of your personal recycle bin. Send your thanks to Kari at info@empowerconditioning.com

If you're interested in learning about the great programs that we have planned for the coming year let us know via the email address above and we'll add you to our mailing list to keep you posted on the latest and greatest. Have an incredible week!

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In her work life, our guest today helps companies plan for multiple futures as the path they travel is never linear - how fitting for a pentathlete trying to train for 5 sports amid a pandemic! On this episode we welcome Kelly Fitzsimmons to the show and cover her sporting career past and present, what it's like to befriend a horse in 20 minutes, and how she's staying sane during lockdown. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! 

Thank you for continuing to support the show - reach out to us at info@empowerconditioning.com with your feedback, questions and comments. 

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"The Last Dance" is an incredible behind the scenes look at the Chicago Bulls dynasty - and an eye opening exploration of Michael Jordan and his methods. If you haven't seen it, don't worry we don't spoil the show, but we do discuss the elements of the series that clearly show Michael Jordan was simply on another level. Will we ever see another athlete like him? You tell us! info@empowerconditioning.com

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Pop quiz - do you have a growth or fixed mindset? Kari, in her continual quest for knowledge wanted to know and dug into Carol Dweck's work on the topic. This episode may surprise you and have you asking questions of yourself that could unlock the next level in your life. 

We're nearly through week one of the Empowered Reset and the participates (Paul included) have already experienced breakthroughs, started healthy new habits, and found more energy and joy in their lives. We're sorry you've missed this session but reach out to info@empowerconditioning.com if you'd like in on the next one, or access to great new tools we're building. Stay well!

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We're all nice people aren't we? Of course we are, but if you think about an ex, or a rival team, or that one guy at work, what are your thoughts like towards that person or group? How do those thoughts affect you and do they have power over you or what you can accomplish? The answer might surprise you! Many of us are still stuck at home as North America slowly begins the process of reopening it's doors. Stay positive by listening to positive people, connecting with friends and family anyway you can, and keeping active. 

The first ever Empowered Reset launches tomorrow but we can still squeeze you in if you reach out to info@empowerconditioning.com by 7.00 pm tonight (Monday May 18th). We are stoked to be bringing 30 days of mindset work, physical training, spiritual growth and positivity to the high performers who've enrolled - you could be one of them! Stay well. 

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