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Welcome to the Empowered Team Podcast where we explore how to optimize your performance in career, sport, and life.


When you stop overthinking it is time to practice effective thinking.  Not only to have effectiveness and efficiency but also to have greater fulfillment in your engagement with others.  Using the formula for effective thinking will up-level what you are producing with your mind.

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How do you go from the hard driving, high end lifestyle of a top model to a record holding ultra marathoner?  You hit rock bottom and decide that there must be something more than the emptiness of having “it all”.  That is what Mickey found in Ultra.  He has crawled across the finish line in the death valley with bleeding kidneys, frozen his corneas in the Yukon, earned a guiness world record and finds fulfillment in simply living in joy and contentment. He is growing into the full potential of his abilities while inspiring others powerfully!


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Overthinking is like overdrinking.  It seems like the thing to do at the time and has no good outcomes.  When we ruminate or worry we take our energy to places that don’t serve what we truly want.  Here is how to redirect your brain to get things done without spinning.

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September 28, 2021

Create Confidence

Confidence.  The feeling that drives massive action.  Top athletes, entrepreneurs and action takers desire this emotion for doing what generates results.  This is the spectrum of confidence from Overconfidence to Humble confidence and what it looks like to create self-confidence for your best outcomes.

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September 20, 2021

5 Minute Facts - Knee Health

Your knees, they do so much for you and although you may be the "bees knees" - yours probably give you some pain and trouble once in awhile. Or maybe all of the time. Today Kari runs through everything you need to know about knee health and takes questions from the Empowered Team as well. Enjoy!

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Ever wonder what the foster system is like?  Or what it would be like to be an athlete with no legs… who missed the qualification for the paralympics by 1 spot?  This guy has been through it all and keeps coming back stronger than ever with more heart than before.  Learn more about how Zion has built a company, trains for the National Team in Track and Wrestling while figuring out ways to give back to foster kids.  Why?  Because he barely survived the abuse that he endured when he was in the system.  He is truly incredible. www.zionclark.com

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We aren’t computers but we tend to have default settings that we rely on so often.  We also have programming, mental programming that is.  This combination of human nature, culture and personality makes us who we are.  However, so much of it is learned and we have the opportunity to to get back to our default setting as a human AND re-program what we choose in our lives.

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Helping the most dedicated is what Dr. Toogood does every day.  She is a psychologist to some of the top athletes in the world and is passionate about helping people live their best lives.  How does she help those who are seemingly doing so well overcome what holds them back?  Holding a safe space, helping people find their why and tailoring her work to their needs.  She celebrates what it means to be human while continually learning herself.  Listen in to Dr. Toogood’s wealth of knowledge.  Catch her on her podcast: Heroes in the Midst for some fantastic stories and interviews.  https://heroesinourmidst.ca/

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August 24, 2021


Why would we ever get uncomfortable and challenge ourselves?  To grow and feel deep fulfillment!  In this episode learn why we regularly do 30 day challenges, the unexpected positive by-products and the 3 steps that will make any sort of challenge successful.  Better yet, join us in our Sweet Free September 30 day challenge!  

Learn more by emailing: info@empowerconditioning.com

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You may have heard of intermittent fasting or even tried it and wondered why anyone would stop eating for extended periods of time. In today’s podcast you can learn more about intermittent fasting and what all the hype is about.  Decide for yourself if you want to explore the health benefits and pump up the energy!

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