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Welcome to the Empowered Team Podcast where we explore how to optimize your performance in career, sport, and life.


April 5, 2021

Super Training

Understanding your best performance involves the combination of optimal physical and mental state. Tapping into your innate wisdom for your ultimate physical results - want to know how to do it? Listen on friends as Kari digs into this concept in detail on this episode of the Empowered Team Podcast!

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We all have done our share of fitting in… during our school years, on sports teams and in different jobs, careers or learning environments.  But do you feel like you belong?  That is what most of us are striving for without even realizing it.  Here is the distinction between the two and why fitting in isn’t so bad after all!

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We all get better at making decisions that happen on the regular.  But what about the “stressful decisions” or the ones around money or family?  Why is it that we get so stuck on a decision?  And how do we truly have Decision Power?

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March 16, 2021

5 Minute Facts - Fruit

Here we go, we have a new monthly segment coming your way! Kari kicks off our first 5 Minute Facts on the topic of fruit. What are the best types to eat? What about the sugar? What fruit is hit with the worst pesticide use? Kari answers these questions and more. Once a month we'll bring you 5 Minute Facts, a crash course on a health or wellness topic in an easily digestible format. Do you have a topic you'd want Kari to cover? Email us at info@empowerconditioning.com and as always, thanks for listening!

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There are some things in life that we seem to find (or make) hard. Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a shift we could make that could empower us to tackle those hard things and make them easy? Imagine if you could learn the secret over the course of ten minutes on a Monday morning ... you can!! Listen up as Kari brings you a powerful tool to add to your mental toolkit. If you're feeling grateful, fire her a thank you at info@empowerconditioning.com and also let us know what topics you'd love to learn more about! Thanks for listening.

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Imagine you're on holiday right now on a sandy beach ... what could be better for a mental recharge? Well this scenario is still a dream for most of us given the country is locked down with travel restrictions. There couldn't be a more fitting time to discuss the concept of change and how it can benefit your mental state in the same way a break can! Listen on and maybe, just maybe you'll hear the waves lapping the shore.

Looking to be a part of a powerful group of motivated achievers, focused on peak performance in all aspects of life? Looking for a little accountability? Search no further than the Empowered Team - reach out to us at info@empowerconditioning.com to learn how you can join.

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This is a juicy topic to kickoff your week! SO many of the things we think are reality are actually thoughts and it becomes so blurred in our minds that it can be difficult to perceive the difference. When we can make the distinction between thought and reality - we can dramatically alter the way we react and behave in an incredibly positive way. Make sure you share this powerful episode within your circle - make that thought a reality!

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If there was ever a guest on the show that Kari could relate with on numerous levels ... it would be Harvie Harrington. This former professional athlete, coach, gym owner, motivational speaker, and author lives to change lives! Harvie says "We should all have the burning desire to push our limits. To understand that life is all about growth and constant change" and lives with this mindset everyday. We hope you enjoy this wide ranging conversation as much as Kari did! 

Interested in getting to your next level? Email info@empowerconditioning.com to claim your spot on the Empowered Team. Weekly Power Up calls, two Coaching Calls a month, and a group of motivated individuals all pushing each others limits while staying accountable - you'll love it!

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Meditation - have you tried it? Have you considered it? Is it working for you? Meditation is an extremely powerful tool but some of us struggle to get on, or stay on the wagon. On this episode Kari digs into some of the reasons people aren't trying it and shares some fresh ways to introduce it into your routine. 

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February 2, 2021

When Coaching Sucks

Coaching may seem like such a great career or hobby but it has a sucky side! Here is what you really want to know about coaching before you coach others, get coached or coach yourself!

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