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In-depth interviews with elite athletes - revealing the highs, lows, and struggles encountered in their journey

May 18, 2020

EP84 Mindset Monday - Are you a hater?

We're all nice people aren't we? Of course we are, but if you think about an ex, or a rival team, or that one guy at work, what are your thoughts like towards that person or group? How do those thoughts affect you and do they have power over you or what you can accomplish? The answer might surprise you! Many of us are still stuck at home as North America slowly begins the process of reopening it's doors. Stay positive by listening to positive people, connecting with friends and family anyway you can, and keeping active. 

The first ever Empowered Reset launches tomorrow but we can still squeeze you in if you reach out to info@empowerconditioning.com by 7.00 pm tonight (Monday May 18th). We are stoked to be bringing 30 days of mindset work, physical training, spiritual growth and positivity to the high performers who've enrolled - you could be one of them! Stay well. 

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