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Welcome to the Empowered Team Podcast where we explore how to optimize your performance in career, sport, and life.

May 12, 2020

EP83 Joseph Polossifakis - Olympian - Fencing

"How you do anything ... is how you do everything!" great words that our guest today, Olympic Fencer Joseph Polossifakis lives by. Joseph competes in one of the fastest sports in the world and this left handed master of the sabre has had some incredible experiences. One of those experiences threatened his career and has left him with lingering effects to this day. A bad concussion in 2014 sidelined Joseph for almost a year but he found his way back to the piste in time for the qualification process for the Olympic games in Rio. Now he's facing new challenges with his competitions and qualifying for Tokyo up in the air. We're sure you're going to  enjoy this conversation with Joseph as much as we did! 

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