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In-depth interviews with elite athletes - revealing the highs, lows, and struggles encountered in their journey

March 1, 2019

EP25 Gord Perrin - Volleyball - 2016 Olympian

Olympian Gord Perrin has become a cornerstone of the Canadian National Volleyball team and is currently applying his trade in the Russian professional league. Gord has been competing his entire life - starting with his siblings growing up in British Columbia. His fire, tenacity, and sometimes harmful temper drove him from the small town of Creston onto the world scene. You're going to love our talk with Gord Perrin!

Big Reminder - The 12/30 Challenge (12 - 30 days challenges: aka one per month all year!) continues with March right around the corner.

Curious as to what's on tap after February’s aren’t you?  This one is Mindful March.  We are stepping into our self-awareness and the awareness of others.  Here is how you choose your own adventure if you want to participate (YES! is the answer) in Mindful March….

  1. Meditate daily
  2. Yoga (weekly)
  3. Gratitude Journal (3 things you are grateful for every day)
  4. Act of Kindness toward others or self (Daily)

Of these 4 options you can do some or all of them.  Doing #2 only doesn't count (the weekly yoga) since that defeats the purpose of the 30 day challenge! We'll be doing all four parts of this challenge and Kari will be posting tips to the group.

So get registered - it's absolutely free! Just click on the following link:

Join us in the 12:30 Challenge for 2019 - https://mailchi.mp/87266dc3b706/1230challenge


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