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February 4, 2019

EP19 Kari and Paul - Long Distance Relationships

Absence makes the heart grow fonder ... that saying does little to ease the pain of living apart from a loved one. Unfortunately, high performance sport often means extended road trips or seasons spent apart for couples, and it can suck. We know, we've experienced long distance relationships firsthand. So in an effort to make life just a little better, we're offering our best tips for making long distance work. We'd love to hear your best ideas as well so drop us a comment!

2019 is our year of challenges with a new 30-day challenge running each month of the year. We're calling it the 12:30 Challenge and you can get involved anytime you wish. Join the Challenge via the link below and commit to improving yourself one day at a time. No excuses, it's absolutely free!

Join us in the 12:30 Challenge for 2019 - https://mailchi.mp/87266dc3b706/1230challenge

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