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January 21, 2019

EP17 Bailey Bram - Hockey - Olympian

Tryouts. The word can spark anxiety in any athlete looking to push themselves to the next level. Well what if you're trying out for one of the best teams in the World? And what if the process makes Survivor look like a beach vacation? Buckle up for an inside look at what it's like to be competing for a spot on the Women's National Hockey Team of Canada. Our guest is Bailey Bram and her story of is motivating, inspiring, and moving. Never give up on your dreams! 

Don't forget, the 12:30 Challenge is in full swing. January was the month of no meat, and we've been rocking it, experimenting with all kinds of new recipes. But we're not done, 2019 is our year of challenges with a new 30-day challenge running each month of the year. Join the Challenge via the link below and commit to improving yourself one day at a time. No excuses, it's absolutely free!

Join us in the 12:30 Challenge for 2019 - https://mailchi.mp/87266dc3b706/1230challenge

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