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In-depth interviews with elite athletes - revealing the highs, lows, and struggles encountered in their journey

November 5, 2019

EP58 Kari and Paul - 24hrs of Paul

Last month I interviewed Kari, picking her brain for her top strength and conditioning tips. This month the tables are turned and Kari interviews me on my daily routine. From sleeping to eating and everything in between, Kari's questions reveal so many things that I don't even realize I'm doing, to help me stay healthy, active and going strong. Hopefully, you can take away one or two ideas to incorporate into your daily routine and see a difference in your performance!

2 months to go in the 12:30 challenge. Maybe you haven't tried a single 30 day challenge that we've served up this year, well that changes today! November is about connection, so reach out to those around you, near and far, and let them know what they mean to you and what they bring to your life. Do it at least twice a day and you'll meet this month's success criteria - get connected!! Join our free group to share your stories and love with our amazing community, the link is below:

Join us in the 12:30 Challenge - https://mailchi.mp/87266dc3b706/1230challenge

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